Fundamentals: Canadian Interest Rate Now 4.5%

Investors ignored softer housing data this morning as their attention was focused on the rate decision and post decision rhetoric. Governor Dodge raised rates by a quarter of a percent and announced that “some modest further increase” is due to come. The Canadian dollar will be floating on today?s news for a while as there are no indicators scheduled for Canada until Thursday.

[B]Previous 24 Hours:[/B]

  • [B]Housing Starts[/B] (JUN)
    Actual: 225.5K
    Previous: 229.7K
  • [B]Bank of Canada Rate
    [/B]Actual: 4.50%
    Previous: 4.25%
    [B]Next 24 Hours:
    [/B]There are no economic indicators scheduled for Canada over the next 24 hours.
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