Fundamentals: Current Account Takes the Cake

Today, New Zealand released a plethora of economic indicators, but the current account balance stole the spotlight as it showed a narrowing deficit. Building permits, NBNZ business confidence, and money supply all showed economically pleasing figures for New Zealand. Tonight, New Zealand will release their GDP as investors decide if the high price on the kiwi is justified.

[B]Previous 24 Hours:
[/B]- [B]Current Account Balance/B
Actual: -2.217B
Previous: -3.929B

  • [B]Current Account as a Percentage of GDP[/B] (1Q)
    Actual: -8.6%
    Previous: -9.0%
  • [B]Building Permits[/B] (MoM) (MAY)
    Actual: 5.5%
    Previous: 0.7%
  • [B]NBNZ Business Confidence[/B] (JUN)
    Actual: -37.2
    Previous: -48.2
  • [B]Money Supply M3[/B] (YoY) (MAY)
    Actual: 13.2%
    Previous: 14.6%
    [B]Next 24 Hours:
    [/B]- [B]Gross Domestic Product[/B] (QoQ) (1Q)
    Expected: 1%
    Previous: 0.8%
    Expected See Daily FX Weekly Calendar for more details: