Rite, iv spent two years focusing primarily on tech analysis and feels its time to look into the fundamental side of things, just so all bases are covered.

Can people point me in the direction of good websites which have info on which fundamentals are worth looking into, what different data releases actually refer to (i never took economics just maths), basically anything on these lines would be great. Books also, i do search myself, just like to know what other people have found.

thanks in advance.

For news, I ussually use

It features Economic Calendars as well as news relating too all aspects of buisness from Currencies itself t hows stocks are doing to the economy in general; however, it is mostly US based.

As for your other question, I don’t know honestly, but I am interested in knowing as well.

Tbe best expert when it comes to fundamental news is going to be Felix
Forex Diamonds - News Trading Signals or any of his other websites will give you all that you need to get started. I was just like you a few years ago - I focused way too much on technical indicators - which really did not do anything for me.

Fundamental analysis is definitely an important part of trading so its good that you realize that you need it. For news I also like to go to Bloomberg but I also like going to As far as an economic calendar goes you can find one right here on Simply click on the tools tab above and you’ll be taken right to it. Good luck in your trading!


so what should new forex traders learn first? i have personally spent much more time on fundamental analysis than technical analysis. i have read and thought about all the arguments of both sides but purely for beginners I think it is more important to focus on the fundamentals.

Actually to be honest - put this forex stuff aside for a minute. Any idiot can follow buy/sell signals. What really helps, is to pick up a newspaper and just browse through the financial section. Get familiar with some of the global reports on economies. Soon enough, you’ll start to familiarize yourself with the terminology. What good is forex, if you don’t understand the economies of the world. Not saying you have to go out and get a business degree :slight_smile: