Funded Accounts and Expert Advisors are changing the landscape for my journey

I have been executing the exact same grid strategy for five years now (1 year in demo and 4 years live) making a 30% return annually. The only problem with this strategy is that I scale in and do not use stops so it requires a lot of capital to manage heavy drawdown periods. This keeps all my capital tied up.

My initial goal is to make $30-40K a year salary.

Right now I am trading with a $10k account. Because my strategy relies heavy on margin and drawdown, this creates all sorts of negative problems. While my account is growing, that is all it will do until I reach the 100K threshold. I can not start taking money out until I hit the $100k mark. Only then i can generate a little salary. This creates a 10 year window of growth but no withdrawals.

Enter the funding programs

But all is still not good. It is going to take me roughly 2 years before I can start withdrawing because of the steep challenge that the funding programs create. You are really only trading with the RISK value not the entire amount like they advertise.
Even though they have this ridiculous ratio of profit target to Risk amount, for me, they are still a better option over the long haul.

Side Note: If you are not familiar, they have swing challenges that allow you to take as long as you like to hit the profit target. Just don’t hit the drawdown mark and you are good. After blowing three 30 day max challenges, I finally found the program for me.

It is the MentFX $400K Swing Challenge :smiling_imp:

After doing the math to see which account generates 100k first it is a no brainer. The funded program is the ultimate choice for me. Let’s break it down.

My personal account starts at $10K and goes 10 years at 30% annual return. This equals $106K total excluding taxes for the sake of easy math.

My 400k funded account will produce $20K a year. $20K -$5k (25%) for MENTFX, leaves me at $15k a year.
My $400K Challenge target is $40K (10%) so after that 75% of all withdraws are mine. It will take an estimated two years to hit the 40k target. This equals $15K a year for 8 years, which equals $120K.

Now, both make roughly 100K in 10 years but here is the two MAJOR PRO’s that the funded account has over the personal account.

PRO#1) I can start withdrawing after two years. With my personal account I can not withdraw until I hit 100K, if I want it to grow at max capacity. After all, my objective is to withdraw profits, not just make them and keep it in a brokerage account.

PRO#2) My funds are ALWAYS secured. I am only investing $4k. That’s it…ever. I withdraw everything and never worry about a crash.

This creates the ultimate set up for a low risk entry into a very difficult industry.
You can scale this down to just a few hundred bucks to get a super low entry into trading if you like.
Add in automation like I have and you have created yourself a nice little automated cash flow.

This is my MENTFX Dashboard for the 400K challenge and screenshot of the account in mt4.
Stay tuned here I will update periodically.


Interesting stuff and I sincerely hope you make it.
I see you have listed two pros in there but no cons.
Wish I had $10k to work with because I sure wouldnt be looking at any prop firm.
Are those two the only pairs you plan to trade for the duration of the challenge?
Nice to see you have set targets that you will be working towards. Some people will tell you they dont work with targets but each to their own.

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Thank you bro for the kind words It’s funny cuz i posted the same thing on reddit and they are ripping me a new one right now lol.

EUR/GBP is now my only pair. After extensive back testing I am finding the EURGBP to be the best market for rotating price action. I incur much less drawdown with this pair than any other pair that I have tested to date.

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Two things…if you walk across the road people will talk and if you dont walk across the road people are still going to talk. You cant escape from that.
Secondly when you put yourself on a public forum such as this you cant get offended when people go at you.
What you have said there is something I preach all the time but it seems to fall on deaf ears. It’s called consistency. I always say set one profit target, use one lot size, trade one pair, focus on one time frame and when you begin to get the results to your liking you might then consider graduating to other things…
That issue you raised there re drawdown is an important one. I watched a two hour video on youtube where a half minute segment showed me how to address it. The only trouble is that the way I now trade I dont get the chance to use that tactic.

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Good luck with your targets

piece of cake :wink:

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Like to hear abit of positively :+1:

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400K Challenge update: It has been over a year now so let’s take a look at what has happened, I promise you it will be quite entertaining.

Not long after I made the initial post the market rose up and bit the ■■■■ out of me and my $16k of “daily” risk capital. In late September of 2022 the EURGBP decided to go parabolic, meanwhile every other market was as normal as could be. This cost me about 12k of risk. I was left with about 4k to work with…ouch. I knew I would make it back but now it will take double the amount of time. I went back to the EURUSD market and got to work.
Here is my total for the year to date in 2023. Remember, I was working with 5k, then 6k, then 7 and so on. I am back up to 11k risk now so I am able to trade bigger lot size. Right now it is set at .05 lot per entry. Check out the profit factor. I am really proud of this number as this is my personal strategy I developed over the years that is now coded into an EA running this and four other accounts, 4 prop firms and one personal.


Here is my Ment Funding Dashboard

please don’t take my question the wrong way, and please appreciate that i intend no disrespect at all, but does it ever make you wonder how you’d have done, over all that time, if you hadn’t used a grid strategy but had traded normally, using a method that has stop-losses and doesn’t produce huge drawdowns?

i ask because it sounds to me like you’re highly intelligent, hard-working, reliable and very persistent indeed, so i’m guessing you’d be well in profit, by now … ? … :wink:


hey, no worries, I appreciate the your time and thoughts. To answer your question, I know exactly how I would have done…I would have lost my $$ because I have never been profitable using stops.


I’ll never forget James Cordier. He managed around 150 million dollars. He did not use stops, but just kept adding. He blew up all the money a few years ago and made a video statement apologizing to all investors that everything is gone. If you have no risk/reward (stops), then you will become like James Cordier at some point, and lose it all in a matter of hours.


Hello bro which EA are u using ?

I hear you brother but I didn’t blow the account, I lost 12k, I used a hard stop at 3.5% of the account, per prop firm rules. I caught an anomaly in the British pound

After a tough loss, I clawed my way back to a 2.45 profit factor for the year to date of 2023 with 411 trades taken. This does not tickle your fancy in the slightest?

Profit for the year to date is $4.6K.
I essentially doubled my money this year because I was only working with 4.5k to start the year.
That is some really good trading…hence the profit factor number

I do appreciate your thoughts SE

Here is a $15K account with Fundednext I started 51 days ago. Profit Factor 2.45…hmm :wink:…there is that number again. I am at 41% completion for round 1.

I am using an EA that I had coded. It is my personal strategy that I developed over 5 years of testing…first in demo then in live micro markets.

Wow I’m amazed with how far u have come. I am really impressed but here come a tough ask from me. Can u be so kind to share EA with me haha. I will totally understand if u can’t.

check your dm

Thanks bro for your consideration but I just checked but found nothing. If it shows up which platform mt4 or mt5??

my bad, give me a minute…I am waiting on my code guy to confirm it is indeed protected

it’s on the mt4 platform