Funding in Bitcoin?

I’m looking for a non-US broker that will accept/send funds transfers in bitcoin. Does one exist?

The only company I’ve seen that may do this is (run by VenetFX). I see no posts/reviews about them here though.


Don’t think there are that many brokers who offer bitcoin given the devaluation…
The brokers I use, traders way, fxcm and alpari do offer me a range of withdrawal options but no bitcoin, did ask them about it and the reason is the one I stated above…

There are a lot of Very Good brokers that take bitcoins as a mode of payment. And given the benefits of it, you should get used to it sooner rather than later :slight_smile:

Here is a list from babypips that shows TOP Brokers who accept bitcoins.

I don’t know about other brokers and I don’t use bitcoin at the moment as payment method with Profiforex. But I just checked their payment options again and they allow it. Deposit funds - Profiforex Forex Broker

@Fxmall there is a large list of brokers that take cryptos as a mode of payment and that also cater to US clients. However it seems that there is still less awarenes or reasons as to why use cryptos and crypto based brokers. It dosent matter weather crypto’s devalue or not, as long as the value of cryptos is more than 0, it can be used to transfer value / money and I think many brokers convert their cryptos as soon as they get the deposit from client (just based on my discussion with a few brokers)

I just started a thread and find that you migh have some valuable points to add to it, just in case its a topic that will interest you

I believe there are some reliable brokers based out of USA that are open to clients from all over the globe and allow fund transfers through Bitcoin. Like I am with Coinexx right now and they operate from UK. They are not just BTC friendly but you’ll get over 20+ cryptos to choose from.:slight_smile: