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[B]Currency exchange[/B]
A Japanese guy (J) is at Los Angeles International Airport, waiting for his flight back home to Japan. While he’s waiting, he goes to the currency exchange counter to change his remaining dollars.
He counts his money at the counter and says to the clerk ©:

J: Wait a minute. When I came here I got more dollars for my yen. What’s going on here?

C: Fluctuations.

The Japanese man stiffens.

J: Well! Fluck you Americans, too!

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John meets a friend and asks hims:

  • Could you lend me $100?
    His friend checks his pockets and says:
  • Sorry, pal. I got only $50.
    “Only 50?” - exclaimed John - “Never mind. Give give me the 50 you have, and you owe me another $50.” :slight_smile: