Furniture and equipment

Hey :wave: traders in this community? At what stage of trading do we focus on trading equipment and furniture set-up? I mean a good desktop computer/laptop, a very stable internet connection, nice chair and table etc that makes trading environment conducive? Is this also a hindrance to newbies and advanced FX traders?

When we start understanding that we’re in a business, not a social media game, and like any new business we need to fork out on setting up the ‘office’.

I would also accept the set up for a serious live hobby where the challenge is like climbing Everest.

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I trade mainly from my phone, as long as your carrier and signal is strong, 4g at least, you should be fine.

Don’t get suckered into those fake social media guru type scammers that are all over twitter, youtube and instagram.

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Loads of ways to fake “live” trades, changing the data feed to the website, fake software/ ghost clone feed, photoshop.

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Wow :astonished: this is amazing.