Futures trading - fxmotif's journal

Hereby, I’m starting my Futures trading journal.

  • Symbols: ZN, 6B, CL, ES, GC

  • Platform: Sierra Chart

  • Method: Market Profile, VWAP and Order Flow

  • Broker: does it matter?

  • Futures pros
    Futures are being traded on regular exchange. All trading is transparent, whole DOM (L2 data) available under the trader’s fingertips, the broker does not trade against his clients, and no illegal or shadow price manipulations are possible. Having said that, I’m not naive. I know what order book spoofing is, and how iceberg orders work, etc. To me, it is an acceptable “price” for fair market conditions.

  • Futures cons
    Breaking into the futures trading is pricey. It requires investing in trading platform, market data subscription, and both usually require recurrent payments. There are platforms, that can be bought for final price, but my platform of choice is Sierra Chart, and it requires recurring payments. The competitors like Ninja Trader, Bookmap and maybe others offer to buy lifetime license. It’s really pricey, but incomparable with anything available in retail trading (Metatrader, cTrader, JTrader).


CL – The CVD shows heavy bullish volume with current break out down, and on Footprint we can see big bear pressure. It can mean that all long volume was absorbed and price likely will continue lower.


Partiall Close @ 84.60
The 2nd target ~84.25/35


Second target not reached. I’m flat for the day.

9/16/2022 CL today seems to me as likely rotational day for Crude. Open in prev. day VA, price tested VAL and VAH in first hour. I’m looking short / long extremes.

CL Short@85.57


I’m flat now.

Is this an upside pressure?

Few minutes later:
Breakout upside and retest on CVD:


CL – It was (for me, I’m heading off the table) nice rotational env. today!
Have a nice weekend.


CL—Today the price is back in previous VA, took some short within ETH.
The very first short at 83.39 was taken too early. Pure FOMO trade. :frowning:

2 contracts closed in profit on previous VA POC. Other 2 are locked at BE and aiming other side of VA.

2nd target reached! Today it was textbook setup

CL— it was slow balanced morning which developed big divergence between CVD and Price. Took some short at RTH open.

Update: Now it looks, like the price will go higher. Previous day POC, previous VAH.

CL - opened with rally but now it seems the price lost the steam. I’ll take some short here @85.60

Update : so it’s 86.00 the final point from where we look down?

CL—Micro long based on volume price divergence, It’s Fri and ETH, so not expecting any rally, though :wink: