FX ChildsPlay system

Does anyone use this system by Farhan?

I see where there are no replies to this post after several years have gone by.

I recently received an email from “Farhan” saying how remarkable his results are.
The email suggested depositing $1,000.00 into a Tallinex managed trading account,
and my money would just “sky rocket” in a few short months.

My experience with “ChildsPlay” in the past had been a disappointment.
Has anyone used his programs with any positive results recently?
Or, can anyone comment on his program that has changed in any way to guarantee his results???



Had you contacted him, asking for information, or was it sent out as part of a bulk, unsolicited mailing (“spam” - illegal in many countries)?

What would you think about the credibility of people needing to promote their business in that way?

It’s a “broker” I’d avoid like the plague, myself.

What do you think about the “sky rocket” representation made?

Do you think that’s a plausible, credible and sensible claim to be making, or is it overwhelmingly more likely to be hysterical, sensationalised, ridiculous nonsense?