FX Game

This is at Oanda, it is a Forex game. As far as I know you can play for more than 30 days, so it def beats a demo. https://fx2.oanda.com/v1.0/login.html

I checked this site out last night, I dig it. This is a pretty nice demo, did you check out the Beta version. I think it looks pretty tight, of course I am not sure what everything does yet.

Yeah, it’s a bit overwhelming. It is a nice looking set up though, I already signed up. I haven’t had a chance to delve into yet, though. Hopefully I can look at it a bit over the weekend and try it out on Monday.

Just curious how the game is going, did you get to try it out yet. It is better than a normal demo? I guess if it lasts more than 30 days it is already better than most demos available.

Has anyone played it yet? I have looked at it, but I haven’t signed up. It seems to be a pretty nice game.

No, I haven’t got to play yet. A family emergency had me up at 330 am watching my wife’s girlfriend’s children. Which I am still doing now, anyway, tomorrow is another day. Hopefully I can start it then, I really wanted to try to get a full week in.

I have live account with them for more than 4 months now. So far, I love them.

That is good, Michael, maybe we have to try it out soon!

Thanks to trader!

I love Oanda because there is no limit on how long you can play the game for and you can also preset your account balance anytime you want. I set mine for $1000 so I can practice at a realistic amount that I expect to start with. I also like how I can customize the charts for the pairs I trade most and save the layout since I use multi-screens. The only downfall is that they don’t have all of the indicators that I wanted to test but then again I am trying to adapt to the K.I.S.S approach anyway.


This is why it’s considered the best demo on FX web. I can reset my account and make a virtual practice expecting I am starting live with that account. That is why I am making my demo trades there too.