FX newbie here - Cape Town

Hey everyone, I’m just getting into forex trading and I heard about this from the Nononsense Forex guy, here to learn and make some great money using FX

Here to learn how to trade FX properly and proficiently first and foremost. Prepare yourself for months of damn hard work - and the monetary reward - never ever guaranteed - would take care of itself.

The green Education button above is the start of your journey. Open a demo account for experimenting and practising. Take it easy, one step at a time.

Best of luck.

Now the trading process has become much easier. Earlier there were many complications with broker deposit/withdrawal starting from an internet connection. There were many problems in acquiring trading education but now that problem has become much easier.

Welcome to the community! Keep the spirit high and keep learning throughout your trading journey. Every new trade will come with a new lesson. Just make sure that you know what you are doing and take every step to prevent losses. It’s more important than making profits.