FX Phantom - New EA by the guy behind Million Dollar Pips

Hey guys,

I’m forward testing a new EA by William Morrison, the same guy that did Million Dollar Pips, Fast Forex Millions (which bombed!) and Forex Replicator (which did alright).

I have FX Phantom connected to a MT4i live account statement:

MT4i - LiveForexTrading.info EA’s - FX Phantom

Is anyone else out there running it? I’d be interested to hear of any stories of success or failure.

It is a scalping EA, only gathering a couple of pips at a time. But the first few days of opperation are exciting.

I’ll keep you all informed on how it goes.



Ive got the mail from William but I think the EA is a wee bit pricy and the web site far to cheesy to plunge into it. But I’m keeping an eye on it and its performance. Keep us posted Nick on how you fare :slight_smile:

I know what you mean about the website. It’s a bit of a laugh.

William Morrison is an aquaintance of mine, so I believe he is genuine. But seriously, some of the stuff on that home page…

For new traders looking to buy a get-rich-quick EA, please take a look at this post and the one below it:


Trust me, it’ll save you hundreds/thousands.

Will be interesting to see how this turns out.

I just receive the email as well for FX Phantom. Please let us know if it’s to good to be true, thanks.

I am currently testing this EA, mostly because William M. is the guy behind it - MDP was a game-changer, so I do pay slightly more attention to news from this guy…

don’t really trust that guy MDP sucks fastforexmillions sucks. don’t see how this isn’t. i hope you guys prove me wrong. i´ll be watching

For new traders looking to buy a get-rich-quick EA, please take a look at this post and the one below it:

Smart FX Technology

Trust me, it’ll save you hundreds/thousands

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This thread is about Phantom not SmartFX AS you know there is already a thread started about that subject. Please show a little respect for Nick McDonald and not clutter up his thread with your crap! BTW I can tell by your ego that you are a failure as a trader and believe me it is obvious to most of us who read your rants abouts about an expert advisor that you haven’t even bothered to test for yourself.

@Nick I apologize for posting off topic. I think William has a nack of developing winners, so I am interested to see how Phantom does for you. Keep us posted

Hi Johnnykanoo

Thats exactly what I would have said. Thanks for all the hard work you put in with testing ea’s.

I am looking forward to see how this thread developes


I just read the website. Why would anyone who wants to sell something mimic that gimmick writing style and page format? If this guy can make so much with his EAs, why bother releasing it to the public? If he’s just trying to be a good Samaritan, why not just provide the EA free of charge? It’s fishy that he wants to charge so much money and a monthly fee when he can allegedly make $6,000 in two months… I tried Million Dollar Pips out of curiosity. It did not perform well.

No offense intended but why would i want to buy this EA from this guy if one of his EA’s bombed and the other one was ok?

Just does not sound like a good track record?

This EA didn’t do too well with the big gap today due to Greece.

I’ve also uploaded it onto Myfxbook for those that prefer it over MT4i. Check it out:


I was just looking at the Top List over at EAReview.com and MDP is listed there in the #2 spot. Of course, if you look at the chart it looks as if growth has stalled out. I’m wondering if running these two together will be more profitable overall.

Hi Brian, What settings are you using?

But surely no EA would do well over this last weekend with the greek elections?

Would seem crazy to leave the EA running over it, but would have understood if it was switched off for a few days before and after the elections

arieldutchess - I’m not running either of them. I’m actually looking to start trading with EAs and am hoping to get two that operate differently so that if one is having a bad day the other might just make up for it.

Right now I’m leaning toward buying and running both MDP and Kangaroo on demo accounts before going live in the fall. I just thought that if this one operated differently, then I might go with FX Phantom and MDP considering that Phantom has a much lower upfront cost.

I’m just not getting much info about how this thing approaches trading. It seems to be a signaling service but there is no info on how the signals are derived. I’m not really interested in Phantom if it is just a tweaked version of MDP as the purpose for the second EA is to trade differently than it’s counterpart.

Brain, thanks for replying back keep me posted and I will do the same.

How’s FX Phantom doing for you guys? It’s made a lot of pips this week.

Other than a few bugs in the trade copier, its doing well for me in my forward test.