FX Platform -NOT Java

I am looking for a demo fx platform that is not require to run java applications - this is becouse I am behind a firewall…
MT4 and Marketiva are java based applications, so if somebody know one that is not using Java , please…

Thank you,





saxobanks - webtrader, all you need is access to the internet i`m behind a corporate firewall, it works fine!

Thanks botk for reply.
I just found that gci demo expiere after 30 days…)::frowning:
Is it possible to jump over firewall ?:eek:

Also I am looking for a platform for smart cellular phones (not pda,or windows mobile based devices).If somebody use one, please share.


saxobank also allow you to trade via mobile phone

take a look The domain www.saxowebtrader.com is registered by NetNames

Thanks for trying :slight_smile:

for saxowebtrader I receive : Loading Java Applet Failed…

so is not working behind the firewal…):

Is it out there any other non java platform ?