FX the most amazing biz and am here to make it real BIG

Hi All,

My Online name is Febwealth, but the name given to me by my Papa is Frankson Edeki Brorhien the acronym makes FEB and because I love BIG wealth so much I hhave to include wealth to the Feb. I am a Nigerian. Like I said I really have eyes for BIG money so I have been always on the look out for business that can give me such a gigantic return. So you wont be surprised how I swallowed Forex line hook and sinker when I was introduced by a friend.
Due to the desire for making it BIG I have read most books that can teach how to make wealth, legitimate ones ohh!! hahhaha. I have read Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cash Flow Quadrant, 10 Success Secretes of Self Made Millionaires, The Richest Man in Babylon just to mention but a few. I can use my transport fare to buy these book and walk kilometers to my destination.
When I was introduced to Forex in 2010 I invested time and monies in buying books and CD’s, In the process I was introduced to Babypips.com the school of Pipsology.I diligently attended all the classes and took all quiz and I was performing wonderfully well. I was really feeling like the STAR that I am. I demo traded and build my account to an enviable level that I was thinking I am now a forex guru, until wen I decided to go Life. Because I was to greedy I was placing a higher to size and high leverage, I burned my account drastically, then I realized the role of emotion in Life trade compare to demo trade. With my little money left in my account I reset my value and started building my account again. I was able to build it to my initial deposit. Then That greed came in again.
I saw this trade and I was so convinced that its a bullish trade I bought EUR/USD and did place a stop loss because I was of the opinion that the trade might go againt me and shut me off the trade before going my direction. So I placed take profit but not stop loss, how wise I was hahhahahaha!!! and though I was believing that my margin will be enough to sustain me should the trade go against me before reversing to my direction. But I was wrong, The trade actually blow my account shut me off the trade before going in my direction. And that was the end of that account.
While I was planing on how to set my foot on the Ground again in 2012 I lost my dearly beloved wife after putting to bed a bouncing Baby boy and a month later I lost the baby also leaving me a single parent of three kids. I lost my mind in the process and couldn’t think of Forex cos I know that a 100% concentration is required here.
Thank God am getting over the challenges and here I am once again to explore the most lucrative biz in the world. And also to be a part od a promising forum.

A shout out to you guys are I look forward to seeing your assistance to ride me to the top.

welcome feb!

sorry to hear about your loss. god gives god takes. everything will be great trust me youll see.

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