FX Trading Station II versus Meta Trader 4

Which platform do you use and why? Are both platforms “No Dealing Desk Execution”?
Note: If there is other thread(s) about this topic, please let me know. I do not want to bother you with my newbie questions. Thank you!

I use both, they each have their advantages. MT4 allows for a large variety of custom indicators while I simply prefer the look and usability of Fx trading station 2. As for the NDD part I believe FXCM is a no dealing desk broker and MT4 comes with a large amount of brokers to choose from, pretty sure FXCM is one of them

I much prefer the usability of tradestation but MT4 does look a lot nicer on the eyes imo

Unlike the majority of people, I don’t actually like metatrader as a trading platform…

Due to the popularity, I am sometimes ‘forced’ into using it for some of my research though