FXCM, ALPARI & VANTAGEFX. What do you think?


I am new to trading. I’ve been using the demo account of these 3 brokers and planing to open a real account but don’t know which to choose. So far, MT4 seem fine but I think demo is different from real one. Can anyone give some advice please?

I’ve read some comments here about FXCM. Some are ok and some are really bad.
So, I’ve mixed feeling about this broker. Do they really have different spread for micro and standard account?

VantageFX. A few has commented that it has some slippage but VantageFX said that they don’t have it anymore. What do you think?

I have not read anything on Alpari. Anyone has tried Alpari?

Thank you for your help! : )

i used alpari fxcm ig markets for 18 monts. for demo only for 14 days bummer. and live alpari mt4 ok get my tralling stops all ther time. alpari cant make any money… the best i use ig market brill and make money… fxcm very good too all web form me ig markets fxcm and the best it works well!!! i have coats on demos i user linux ubuntu 12.04 i use only in the uk brokers!!!FXCM 0.7 pips typical spread on EUR/USD

Vantage FX offers the tightest spreads,

Alpari - 1.6 pips average spread on EUR/USD for the last hour
FXCM - 2.5 pips average spread on EUR/USD for the last hour
Vantage FX - 1.4 pips average spread on EUR/USD for the last hour

Here you can compare their spreads in real time.

Unfortunately I don’t know which one offers fastest order execution and less slippage.

I used several brokers before:
Alpari - not good for IB-s low rebates, but it worked ok, not the best
Interactivebrokers - lovely for stocks, not the best for forex
Tadawulfx - dealing desk, wont let you win forget
3TGFX - still testing the system, looks good till now
etoro - dont go there
Ducascopy - i work with these guys and its pretty good, everything works really fine

i will vote for Vantage.uk which is at UK, for their tightest spread and friendly customer support.

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fxcm doesnt exactly have great spreads but the customer service is good and trading station is easy enough to use so i dont mind it to be honest.

I use both Traders Way and FXCM and they are both good [so far]. I would suggest opening up with a micro lot and seeing how things pan out, move on to standard accounts.

Can you please tell us what specific advantage on signing up with two brokers? I know FXCM since they are publicly traded to NYSE but I’m not quite sure with Traders Way.

Any input would be helpful. Thanks.

Numbers Never Lie.

Every trader has his or her own preference when it comes to selecting brokers and yes, currently trading with both these brokers and Traders way is an ECN broker and one that provides me with some great quotes. As far as FXCM goes, they have some great account options and a NDD MT4 platform…

for me ig markets and fxcm are very good broker and the advanced charting is great. Having access to all cfd’s for equities, metals and oil is good if only to keep an eye on those markets. They provide a very good variable spread down to 1 pip on EUR/USD and AUD/USD. Unfortunately they dont offer micro lots so you need a decent balance to use them

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Hi Manit,

Just wanted to let you know that FXCM offers forex micro lots for all account types, and an account can begin with a minimum balance as low as $50 . The only thing missing from the micro accounts is CFDs for equities and oil, but those can be found in the standard account along with forex micro lots for a minimum $2k starting balance.



FXCM right here too since they are traded to NYSE.

Forex Forever.

My vote goes to VantageFX. Their spreads are the tightest of all the three brokers and I’ve never had any issues with them.

For same reason i like Vantage UK, for their tightest spread among all of non commissioned broker. Also their customer care is superb with leverage of 1:500.