FXCM High Frequency Market Insights

Hi Everyone,

I would like to tell you about our new FXCM High Frequency Market Insights. Unlike most indicators out there, many of which are lagging and repetitive, this new trading tool uses institutional level data to help determine whether the current market move will continue.

The FXCM High Frequency Trading Market Insights contain our GridSight Index (Gix[SUP]TM[/SUP]), which identifies the strength of market moves and the historical likelihood of continuation of the move. It does this through a highly advanced system that monitors over 30 high-frequency market signals centered around:

[li]Institutional Liquidity
[/li][li]Professional Supply and Demand
[/li][li]Trader Positioning and Volume
This information is summarized and updated in real time on the website to give you an extra edge in your trading. Any feedback you provide here about the FXCM High Frequency Market Insights will be greatly appreciated. Click here for a guide to this trading tool.