FXCM Holdings LLC Releases Financial Data: Explains the drop in Net Capital

New York, June 4, 2009: FXCM Holdings LLC continues to make a public release of its balance sheet. The numbers reflect the firm�s financial strength and status as of April 30, 2009. Highlights of the (unaudited) balance sheet include the following: $114,985,838 In Capital (Assets Minus Liabilities) $130,307,551 In Operating Cash (Excludes Client Funds) Please Note: In April, there was a significant drop in the firm�s net capital. This decrease is related to FXCM fulfilling its tax obligations. Last year was a terrific year for FXCM with the firm hitting all-time volume highs, and as a result, the ownership of FXCM made payments of nearly $50 Million towards fulfilling taxes due…

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