FXCM is the best broker I've used

Just want to say despite the recent events, FXCM has proven to be the best broker I’ve used. They’re the largest FX broker in the US and that doesn’t include all the international branches (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Asia, Japan, Israel, Chile, Australia,) they have. Their charting software, Trading Station or marketscope, is off the charts, pun intended. Customer service and marketing team is incredible. I hope they recover from this recent debacle and maintain the faith of their clients. I wish them the best of luck.

Nice to see someone saying something good about their broker

Would this be a good broker for someone in the UK? I can’t decide over fxcm and fxpro?

I’d think so. I’ve only used the US version but I’d imagine it’d be the same. I’ve never used FXPro so I can’t comment but if I were you I’d try a demo with both and then make your own decision from there.

I like FXCM too. High marks from me. That said, I am still opening accounts with as many dealers as I can.


i can’t say anything about fxpro…but i have an european account with fxcm and am quite happy with them…great spreads, low comission and a very good trading station…customer service is also ok…only thing is that they doubled margin requirements after the SNB desaster…

one thing they could improve would be more flexible position sizes like oanda has…

all in all, i can only recommend fxcm…