FXCM login failed - Down or What?


I have been logged into FXCM continuously for 4-5 days.

Today, about an hour ago, it stopped updating Dealer/Chart screens so I closed the FXCM client and reopened it. Login has failed since then. I have only had FXCM for a week. It’s a demo/practice account so I should have ~3 weeks left to use it.

Anyone else having problems with FXCM today?


I have a live account with them and it’s running fine at the moment. However, they do crash now & then, both live & demo…why don’t you go to their website and open up a chat session and ask them?


Good idea, I will do that. I was in the process of signing up here so I thought I’d ask here. Also, when I first signed up there, I had a login problem too and I didn’t get an answer for a couple hours. My answer was actually a phone call and some emails which fixed the problem, so support directly from FXCM seemed fast, but not as fast as here :slight_smile:

This is not a first post bash attempt of FXCM or anything.

I do like FXCM so far, and I want to fund my account soon so your advice is helpful.

I also am testing Oanda, but the charting system seems a bit archaic, and I have read the warnings about the Java platform, but apparently Oanda offers better spreads.

As a Newb, I like the Micro Account option of FXCM.

I see that FXCM has a couple infractions from the NFA, but they are from a couple years ago, and seem to be related to FXCM affiliates over-hyping and violating sales rules mainly. FXCM seems pretty large so I doubt that they bother trading against small timers like me.

I’ll probably open with just ~$200 initially.

Do you recommnend FXCM or should I look at others?

thanks again.