FXCM, Oanda and forex.com, Which is best?

Hallo guys, i am quite new to FOREX trading and I really really wish i can find the best broker to start my real trading with. right now i am using a FXCM demo account and got accustomed to the trading platform but have heard FXCM is a ‘trading desk’ and may ‘trade against you’.

May I please ask what do ‘trading desk’ and ‘trade against you’ mean and is it bad for a forex trader like me?

Also, I have heard Oanda and forex.com are good websites to place your money in forex with. So i really want to ask, out of FXCM, Oanda and forex.com which is the best dealer?

Thank you very much and hope for your answers.

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Trust me. You will never find a “perfect” broker but there are some good ones. It’s true that FXCM is a dealing desk broker but they do offer a non dealing desk platform now. Contact them and ask about it.

I know Oanda and FxSol are popular and I’ve demo traded with FxSol. I must say I really like the platform and you can set alerts that can go straight to your cell phone.

ive traded fxcm and gci and they are very good brokers. the spread with gci is a bit better but just pick one you are most confortable with.

I only used Oanda so I can’t comment on the others but I like it a lot. I love the simplicity of use, the low spreads and slippage. I also like how you can practice as ong as you like with the game which uses the same exact platform as the live site. You can set a fixed balance and save custom layouts on all the pairs you want. They only have 50/1 leverage which is more than I will ever need or want.

I’ve been trading over 5 years now and must have used over 10 brokers. I would say Oanda is on the top of my list due to their low spreads, great execution, and built in money management features. And yes, 50:1 leverage is more than enough to hang yourself if you’re on the wrong side of the trade.

Next is FXsol, they’ve great charts, easy to use platform, and great customer service. Stephen Cortright runs a tight ship out of NJ.

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All i can say is GAIN has never let me down :slight_smile:

E. Lang

PS: Their new Platform is coming out begining of this year.

GFT is also pretty promising

Depends on what pair you are interested in. I think MB is good with the GBP. Don’t try the NFP with Oanda.

OandA is best…period.

I have used Oanda and Forex.com both live. Oanda is nice but the spreads can change in seconds to 10 or more pips across the board. The nice thing about Forex.com is the spreads never change no matter what news is coming out.

I have used all of those brokers in the past.

I prefer oanda over all of them.

The main advantage to oanda is interest on your margin deposit (credited daily), low spreads (i don’t care what the spread is during news time), flexible lot size, and continuous interest payments on open positions. However, their charting does leave a lot to be desired. I use Metastock end of day for most of my analysis and oandas built in charting to view shorter time frames.

FXCM has been a fair broker, though their spreads are too high. I had a trade discrepancy with them in the past, they said it was due to a bad tick. I reentered the trade at market, and my account was credited the difference from where I was stopped out at. It is also convenient being able to fund your account with a credit card. Their free charting leaves a lot to be desired.

Forex.com, I did not like their interface and their spreads are the same as FXCM, the ability to trade/check positions from your mobile is great, but in all fairness I wasn’t with them long enough to comment on anything more then that.

Guys, I do not know if this is only by chance, but most have reviewed FXCM as a ‘scam’

Online Forex broker reviews | Forex Capital Markets Review | fxcm.com rating

Actually, I would really encourage all guys to research their broker before starting up very well. It’s not just you will be able to trade with low spread, and very high leverage. Security of funds is top priority if you want to expand your business.

I still insist that Oanda is the best broker around with no competitors. They provide exellent service regardless that you are being profitable sometimes - which many brokers hate.

I use and like Oanda :).

hi i am new to trading but i like it so far. i have tried ACM, forex, hexense, fxcm and moneyforex. i like moneyforex because of the low spread.

all of you guys are saying that oanda has good spreads but EUR/USD is 1.29596/676 isn’t that 8 pips?

i believe that oanda spreads increase when the market is closed.

Oanda spreads for EURUSD is 1.5 pips during normal days, and 10 pips during weekends. Spreads can increase at certain trading times, or during major news announcements.

I Love Oanda for everything but the charts. I am thinking about programming all my strategies in Metatrader so I can set alerts and have them sent to my cell phone during those bedtime hours :slight_smile: . Then only using Oanda to place orders through > I hope they update their charting platform someday but I still think they are worth using despite that minor problem to overcome.


i read online reviews about oanda that people complained about sometimes they do not put the orders through or they don’t honor the stop loss or the limit.

Anyone in here tried Tradefreedom?

very interesting guys about oanda ,i’ve been trying forex.com, fxcm , with gft dealbook360 ,i’m still new at that and don’t yet wich one i’m gonna pick,
:slight_smile: still practicing with demo

I have seen Oanda eur/usd gone upto 15pips 20 mins before a German zew sentiment (3 months ago). It was 20 pips just after the news and stayed like that for 334 seconed before it went back to normal spread.
This is just one of many times I have seen eur/usd spread go throgh the roof even on a moderate market voliatality.