FXCM spreads

hey…is it me just seeing things or does everytime i go up a lot, the spread does too? let say with one lot…i make a trade…i start off being negative 3 pips naturally becuse of the spread…and 3 seconds later i decide to make another trade on that very currency except with 5 lots…now for that 2nd trade im showing -15 pips( original 3pips times 5 lots equaling 15)…so i placed another trade to really prove my thought with 10 lots and sure enough i started out negative 30 pips??? is the number im reading the pip number at all??? thanks

sounds like you’re looking at your Profit/Loss, when you buy or sell, the number of lots you have is multiplied by the spread, not sure what currency pair you’re trading, but it sounds like one lot is worth $3 (pound/euro, whatever you’re trading).