Fxcm st

Any word on if and when we will be able to use an offline mode so I can use the ST on the weekend to backtest? As it is now I can’t even start up ST if FXCM servers are down. I understand why the servers are down but I dont understand why we cant even run the ST with historical data offline?

I don’t think I have the most recent build so this may not be the case any more. I did look around the FXCM forum and internet but I couldn’t find that this issue has been fixed.

OK down time was less then expected :smiley: This thing is to cool!! must learn C# I am going to the darkside!

Ok, good to hear! We’ve added C# documentation to our forex programming wiki Wiki.fxprogrammers.com that can help. We’ll be adding more documentation and guides in the future.

Jason do you know of any vps options for the ST?

Hi Shr1k,

Hasn’t been announced yet, but we’re in the process of offering VPS for Strategy Trader accounts through www.FXColo.com . I believe there will be an account minimum to get it for free, and the Strategy Trader webpage should be updated within a couple of weeks.


Hey Shr1k,

The VPS information for Strategy Trader is now up on the website www.fxcm.co.uk/automated-forex-trading.jsp#Resources . There’s a $5,000 minimum balance requirement in order to get the basic VPS for free, otherwise there’s a $30 monthly charge.