FXCM Standard accounts

I’ve over capped my FXCM micro account and instead of waiting for what would turn out to be several weeks of waiting for my account to become uncapped I’m considering and upgrade to an FXCM Standard account.

Anyone have any experience with FXCM Standard?

only bad experience, their executions take long enough to lose $$ even when in plus, no win situation possible, execution took almost 2 hours cause over 200 pips loss. once your profit target is hit, you can no longer cancel when turn against you, the message will appear…“order in process” then "server is busy"
FXCM is a guarantee to eat your $$ , but not on demo account to be clear

I also have a micro FXCM account.
From my understanding, the FXCM standard account is the exact same platform as the micro account- Trade Station 2; however, you can place an entry order with as much size as you like.