FXCM stock rises 265% in December

FXCM’s publicly-traded stock has gone through the roof in December, rising from $5.20 earlier in the month, to over $19 as of yesterday (Monday, 12/28).

I haven’t seen an understandable explanation for this rise, but here’s [I][B]Finance Magnates’[/B][/I] attempt to explain what’s going on —

FXCM Stock Price Jumps Over 50% Again Today

It all kicked off back on Dec 11, the date that FXCM announced a share buyback programme and also talks on restructuring with Leucadia.

Share buybacks are usually a great confidence booster, coupled with any loan restructure - good news.

Not sure whether they have actually agreed yet…so maybe buyer beware…

FXCM Releases Statement on Ongoing Discussions With Leucadia and Stock Repurchase Program (NYSE:FXCM)