FXCM Trading Station issue

When in the FXCM Summary window, I right click on Symbol, Net p/l along with a few others are missing. I have reinstalled trading station from FXCM twice and used the default layout to no avail? The same thing happens to my laptop as well. The people at FXCM don’t seem to know what’s going on, NEED HELP…

Are you talking about Open Positions, Summary, Closed Positions tabs?

Summary tab…

Hi Bahama,

First, before we proceed, I want to make sure you are aware that if you need to manage any trades on this account immediately, you can do so over the phone by calling the trading desk.

My colleagues in our tech support team are happy to investigate this issue for you and will need specific details from you regarding your account.

Please email techsupport AT fxcm DOT com, and CC me at jrogers AT fxcm DOT com with the following details:

[li]Your account number
[/li][li]A screenshot of your Summary tab showing this issue
[/li][li]When was the last time you saw this information in the Summary tab on this specific account?
[/li][li]Try logging into a demo account (you can register for one here) and confirm whether or not you can see this information in the Summary tab for that account.


I just tried using the demo account, no issues found, all the fields showed, the problem is in my real account…

Thanks for providing info on the fourth piece of information I requested. My colleagues in tech support and I look forward to your email with details on these first three items:

[li]Your account number
[/li][li]A screenshot of your Summary tab showing this issue
[/li][li]When was the last time you saw this information in the Summary tab on this specific account?

Display issue.pdf (119 KB)
Can’t remember last time, just recently wanted to use this feature

Thanks for your post. I have forwarded these details onto our tech support team and will let you know what they find.

Please note the reason I asked you to email these details instead of post them on the forum is to protect your personal information. For your security, please edit your post so it no longer includes your account number.

Just wondering if any progress has been made, it’s been a week and a half?

Hi Bahama,

Our techs say the columns you see in your Summary window are consistent with your account type. Is there specific information you were hoping to see in addition to those columns? You might find the details you are after in the Open Positions window.

Sorry, but that sounds like a standard response, what specifically is my account type? I think they just briefly passed over it…

One more time for what it’s worth:

1 - Open account
2 - Select Summary
3 - Right click on Symbol
4 - My account is missing several selections; NET P/L, NET STOP, NET STOP MOVE, NET LIMIT. I downloaded the demo and have no issues, friends having the full real accounts also have no issues???

Hi Bahama,

My previous response to you was specific to your account type. However, I will not disclose specific details about your account type publicly. This is to protect your privacy and to comply with regulations regarding such matters. :57:

If you recall, you mentioned your account number in an earlier post. For your security, I suggested you edit that post to protect your personal information. Before you made that edit, I noted your account number and provided your account number to our tech support team so they could investigate the settings.

They confirmed that the columns you can see in your summary window are consistent with what should be visible for your account type.

Note that while FXCM MT4 account logins also give you access to our Trading Station platform, the way stops and limits are attached to positions differs slightly for certain account types. Specifically, in the US, each platform uses a different approach to comply with US FIFO regulations in regards to the handling of stop and limit orders. That means a US trader with a Trading Station-only account will see different columns in his Summary window than a US trader with an account that gives him login access to both Trading Station and MT4.

It’s also worth noting that different columns are visible in the Summary window of Trading Station for Mini and Standard accounts. Standard accounts have a commission columns, while Mini accounts don’t. That’s because Standard accounts trade on our low No Dealing Desk (NDD) forex spreads with separate commissions, while Mini accounts trade on all-inclusive spreads with no commissions.

As an example, please register for an FXCM US MT4 Mini account demo, and see what columns are visible for you in the Summary window. :slight_smile: