FXCM vs. MT4 Platforms

I just started trading, but I am trying to pick out the best platform to use. I use both FXCM’s platform and MT4. I am not very comfortable with MT4. I really like FXCM, but it seems like all of the professional traders use MT4. Should I continue to use MT4 and get better with it, or just stick to FXCM?

Note: I plan on being a full time trader.

Personally I prefer MT4, it allows for far more customization and better ease of use. Also, you may want to read some reviews about FXCM before going live and make sure you do the same for any MT4 broker you may be considering.

I am not sure but I don’t think real pro traders use MT4. MT4 is designed as a platform for brokers to offer to retail clients. TradeStation is a great platform. MT4 is very customizable. Trade Station also has a scripting language you can make custom indicators and it will run EAs. Look on the fxcm forum for examples.

Now the important things to look at when choosing a broker are spread, other costs, customer service, withdraw and deposit procedure etc… To me the platform is last. You can always use a demo from a broker that offers the platform you like to chart with. The exception to this would be if you are scalping I would say MT4 is not the best for this.

MetaTrader 4 is widely used on the market by brokers which is really easy to do technical analysis and easy to trade. If you are becoming a full time trader, I definitely suggest you using MT4.

I use both FCXM and MT4, both has it advantages and disadvantages.
I prefer the FXCM for charting and quick scalping, I find the GUI much better than the MT4.
Then again I use the MT4 for EA’s and custom research (multiple charts, timeframes, pairs etc) since its more customizable and theres a load more community plug-ins for it (both free and non-free).

Regarding the question about professional traders… I think that there is no single plattform the ‘pro’ will use, except the plattform he/she is most comfortable with. So if you like the FXCM plattform, stick to it! If you prefer the MT4, than thats your cup o’ tea, stick to that.
Before choosing a single plattform, try all the different ones. Download the brokers demo plattform and mess around with it til you got an good opinion about it. Have you for instance tried the GFT plattform? no? Maybe youll like that one instead? :slight_smile:

Trade safe, and keep the pip’s rolling your way!

Thanks guys! I will try a lot more of the platforms before I make a decision. @Shr1k, you are right, when scalping MT4 is not good. I am much fast with the FXCM Platform, so I can get the trade in faster, but when I use MT4 it takes me years!

Just like anything else in trading, I believe that the answer is whatever works best for you.