FXCM wthdraw times

How long does it take for you to deposit or withdraw your funds with fxcm ?

Hi Aimann,

FXCM clients can add money to their accounts anytime 24 hours a day by logging into MyFXCM.com and clicking on “Deposit Funds”. The available funding options and deposit time frames are:

[li]Credit or Debit Card: Instant. This is the fastest way to fund your account.
[/li][li]Bank Wires: Approximately one to two business days (domestic) and three to five business days (international), often less, to arrive and process into your trading account.
[/li][li]ACH (only from US bank accounts): Approximately one to five business days to clear and process into your trading account.
[/li][li]Paper Check (only from US or UK bank accounts): Approximately ten days after receipt to clear and process into your trading account.
Please note the time frames above are approximate. While not common, in some cases, delays in processing may occur in some instances as FXCM does not exhibit control over the entire funding process.

Credit or debit card can be the fastest and easiest method to deposit funds online. If your deposit exceeds $10,000 or equivalent, the fastest and easiest method to deposit funds is by bank wire.

The minimum deposit for use of our online credit card or debit card system is $50. The minimum deposit for use of our ACH deposit system is $100. The maximum credit or debit card deposit is $10,000 or the equivalent per calendar month and the maximum ACH deposit is $50,000 per transaction.

There are no administrative fees from FXCM to deposit funds.

FXCM clients can request a withdrawal anytime 24 hours a day by logging into MyFXCM.com and clicking on “Withdraw Funds”. A withdrawal request can be submitted online by selecting your withdrawal method and clicking “Submit”.

We will process your withdrawal request within one to two business days whenever possible. The available withdrawal options and time frames to receive funds are:

[li]Credit or Debit Card: Time frames will vary depending on the credit card issuer and may take up to one billing cycle to post back to the credit or debit card used for funding.
[/li][li]Bank Wires: Domestic bank wires take about one to two business days and international bank wires take about three to five business days, often less, to arrive.
[/li][li]ACH (only to US bank accounts): Approximately one to five business days to clear and process into your bank account.
[/li][li]Paper Check: Paper checks take about ten business days and international checks take about fifteen business days, often less, to arrive.
Bank wire is typically the fastest method to withdraw funds but has a fee that can range from $15 to $40 depending on the country. All other withdrawal options are free. Note that bank wire withdrawals are free for Active Trader accounts.

If you funded your account with a credit card or debit card, it is required to withdraw the principal amount (deposit amount) back to your credit card. The credit card issuer may take from five business days to one billing cycle (approximately thirty days) to post back to the credit or debit card used for funding. When requesting a withdrawal to a credit card, please consider if that card is closed, expired, or a different credit card number has been issued, to choose an alternative method of withdrawal. Returning funds to a closed account can cause a significant delay in receiving funds, and FXCM cannot guarantee a time frame in which funds will be received if the requested withdrawal amount is initiated to a closed account.


Hi Jason ,
You are delightfully helpful :slight_smile: !
Please tell me if there is any fee on a bankwire deposit ?

Hi Aimann,

FXCM does not charge any fee for bank wire deposits, but your bank almost certainly will. That is why for deposit amounts less than $10,000 we recommend using a credit or debit card, since it’s free and the funds appear instantly in your trading account.

If you want to deposit more than $10,000 then you might be interested to know that for Active Trader accounts, we will reimburse you for the wire fee that your bank charges you.


Hey Jason,
Thanks again for the prompt reply !
I am looking to begin with a small deposit of around 140$, could you give me an approximate of how much a bank would normally charge ?

Typically, your bank might charge anywhere from $15 to $40 for a bank wire depending on the country. Is there any reason you didn’t want to go for the free deposit option of credit or debit card?

I am in the habit of using my regular ATM card. But I did have a ‘mastercard’ before will that do ?

Yes, you can use a Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card. Most banks now offer ATM cards that also work as debit cards. Then the funds will still come directly out of your checking account, but you will be able to take advantage of the free deposit option, instead of having to pay your bank for a wire transfer.

Could you please explain this , I didn’t understand what it means.

That you credit card company post it back within 5 to 30 days.

I don’t get it ,
when you put money in to your fxcm account , when you are withdrawing why is it necessary to bring back the exact money you deposit back to the debit card ?

Hi Aimann,

What this is saying is that if you deposit funds using a credit card, then when you make withdrawals in the future, you must first withdraw those same funds back to that same card before choosing other withdrawal options. For example, if you deposit $5000 by card, and then in the future, the first $5000 in withdrawals you make would go back to that same card. This is because credit card companies don’t want people to deposit money into their trading accounts and then immediately withdraw it by check to use as a free cash advance.

You can make withdrawals of smaller amounts. For example, if you deposit $5000, then your first withdrawal could be of $1000, but it would go back to the original card instead of being sent to you by check or bank wire.


So what that means is,
If I fund my account through credit/debit .My first withdrawal ‘HAS’ to be through credit/debit and only later will I get a choice of Bankwire or another method

Jason thanks again for the help!:slight_smile:
But I have a problem ,
I got my new bank account today and they told me even though the card will have a visa logo its just a regular ATM card and not a debit card.

Now I can buy a prepaid visa card from the bank but that is unecessarily 36$ for issuance

Or I need to do a wire transfer ,I am new to bankwiring and my bank account is in my countrys currency,so is it that when I send the money to fxcm it will automatically convert to dollars ?

Could you suggest what option should I take ?

you’re help is greatly appreciated

Hi Aimann,

I’m glad you asked about the prepaid Visa card before getting it, because regulations prohibit us from accepting deposits from prepaid cards. If your bank does not issue debit cards, then a credit card would be the fastest (instant) and cheapest (free) funding option for deposit amounts of $10,000 or less. If you would prefer to send a bank wire, please tell me the currency of your bank account. That way I can give you the best bank wire instructions, so you can save money on the transfer.


What?! No prepaid Visa, please tell me atleast Fxcm UK accepts?
I am in kuwait and my local bank account has a currency of kuwaiti dinars

Government regulations in both the UK and the US prohibit us from accepting prepaid cards for deposits. However, I checked with one of my colleagues who is from Kuwait. He told me that if your ATM card has a Visa logo, then you will be able to use it to deposit funds into your trading account. His department specializes in helping our clients in Kuwait, and he will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding sending your funds. You can email him at <arabic@fxcm.com>.

Thanks Jason ,
Please tell me the name of the person from Kuwait who is at the other end of the email ID <arabic@fxcm.com>

My colleague’s name is Sary Hamzah :slight_smile:

Hey Jason ,
I haven’t joint fxcm as yet as I was testing out my strategy …now I’m ready to join and I sent <arabic@fxcm.com> an email ,but I haven’t got any response yet , I’m waiting anxiously to know from your colleague in kuwait if my bank card with the master card logo will work for the transaction.

Waiting in anticipation for your reply

Hi Aimann,

Thanks for letting me know. I just confirmed with our team that we received your email, and you should now have a response waiting in your email.