FXnavigator's Daily Money Making Forex System

Hello everyone. I’m FXnavigator.
I have created a system that is very good for catching the daily trend and riding it out all the way till the last pip is won.

I wanted a system that is:

  1. Easy to understand

  2. Easy to execute

  3. Easy to repeat

I didn’t want several different indicators clouding up my candlestick charts. I, also did not want to see a bunch of others lined up at the bottom, making my charts smaller and smashed together.

My system uses the daily charts, along with two moving averages, and an RSI.
I set up the two MA’s like this:

  1. The 1st MA is RED and set to 20 (solid line)

  2. The 2nd MA is BLUE and set to 5 (dotted line)

The RSI can be set up two different ways, depending on your preference and what works best for you.

  1. Set the RSI to 50, and remove any other lines.


  1. Set the RSI to 55 and 45, removing any other lines.

How the system works:

Wait for the MA’s to go across each other, and for the RSI to be rising or falling past the 50.
If your using the 45 and 55, wait for the RSI to go across, depending on an up or down trend, for further confirmation that the trend is going in the direction you are anticipating it to go. I use a trailing stop of 150 pips. I do not use a limit order, or have a take profit target. I ride out the trend until it’s over. The trend is over when the MA’s touch again.

Take profit: I check the charts one or two times a day, to see how the trade is going. I like to take my profit every few days. What I do is, I close my position and reopen it again. What this does is keeps the pips I have collected, and prevents me from giving back what I have already earned. For example, your MA’s cross and the RSI crossed, too. After a few days (or weeks) you collect several hundred pips, and the market retraces 100 to 300 pips, and then continues to go in the same direction it was originally going. I don’t have to worry about losing my earned pips, because I have already taken profit. Some people like to move their stop after collecting a certain amount of pips, and trust that the stop will keep them from going negative on a trade. We all know that nothing is for certain in the Forex market. Remember when CHF dropped several thousand pips? I collected 2,400 of those pips because I was trading WITH the market. Some traders were going against it, and the market blew right through there stop order and kept on going against them for thousands of pips, because there was no one on the other side of the trade to sell it to. The traders that were trading for $10,000.00 per pip are now bankrupt, and in debt to their broker for millions of dollars. They lost all of the pips they captured, and were forced to watch the market continue to sink because they were stuck in their trades and could not get out of it. The name of the game is to collect pips, and KEEP THEM.

Since this is used on a daily chart, it is very unlikely that a sudden reverse swing of the market, will take you by surprise. Once the MA’s cross and the RSI moves past it’s mark, which should happen in close proximity of each other, the market can move from several hundred to several thousand pips. This strategy will be able to capture most of the pips that the market has to offer.

Incomplete setup instructions: :15:

RSI period setting?

What currency pairs?

MA settings? simple, exponential, smoothing, linear weighted?

Hi everyone,

Thank you for inquiring about my system.
The RSI that I use is set to 14,3,3, and the MA’s are linear weighted.
I use this system on all pairs.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

Incorrect RSI period setting: :28:

RSI period setting is only one number, not 3. You were probably referencing a stochastic setting but you didn’t state that you were using stochastics. I assume you meant RSI period = 14.

Also, the option of using an RSI crossing 50 or the alternative 55/45 is confusing. Which do you utilize with your method?

How long have you been trading this method?

What is your success rate (winning %)?

Thank you for your continued interest in my strategy.
I use a Stochastic RSI that is set to 14,3,3.
That is where I use the 50 or 55/45.
My apologies if I confused you in any way.
I will go into further detail on the difference of using the 50 or 55/45 setting shortly.

Hey there, everyone, I’m back.
To further explain my system, there are 2 different ways the Stochastic can be set up, depending on what each user is comfortable with to use as his or her confirmation before entering. The 1st way is to set up the Stochastic to 50 and use that as further confirmation when the MA’s cross. If you want even more confirmation that the cross will stay and not be a fake-out, instead of using the 50, use a 55 and 45 for the stochastic. When using the 45 and 55, wait for the MA’s to cross and only enter once the stochastic has made it across either number, depending on the direction of the trend.


My prediction is for AUDJPY. The Stochastic is crossing the 50 line and the market is about to cross the 20 MA on it’s way upward. I will be waiting for the MA’s to cross, as they keep going upward, and when they do I will enter going LONG. I will keep this trade going until the MA’s cross again, and thereby the upward trade will cease and a retrace will follow before the trend continues.

I Think it would be a good idea to show us a chart with some exampel, and also what “stochastic rsi indicator” you use.
I do not understand your entry on AUDJPY, for me it is a sell !

Hi, FXnavigator:
OK, just to sum up all the concerns being posted so far (including mine):

  1. what are the shift values for the 2 linear weighted MA?
  2. would you mind sharing the ‘stochastic RSI’ custom indicator?
  3. it would be better if you can explain your strategy with some screenshots, if possible?

THX for your time and help!

Hello everyone. Sorry for being away for so long. I’ve had some family matters to deal with, but I’m back in full force.

I will be posting a picture of my indicators and settings, so I can show all of you what I utilize in my trades.

Have a great weekend,