FxPro Uk cTrader - Commission

Hi Guys,

I am brand spanking new to Forex. Just learning the basic now and getting familiar with some of the basic concepts and playing with a demo account.

I opted for FxPro cTrader primerily because its a well known brand and I read good reviews and well, it looks almost like a computer game, something my generation responds really well too!

I have a question on commission. I have noticed that when im placing my trades I can see in the summary that there is a commission value. E.G. £6.50 , my trade hits my TP at £20 but I am charged £13 commission and the feeling jubilation is quickly replaced by a feeling of frustration.

So , can somebody just walk me through this is a super easy/noobie way. Please treat me as an ABSOLUTE beginner, 2 days ago I thought forex was a type of dinosaur I am just now opening up this whole new world.


School of Pipsology Preschool

Hello and welcome to Forex! The commission is per trade action(direction). So, when you open a position it will be 6.50 and when you close another 6.50. Total 13.00. The commission fee depends on the volume traded.