Fxview broker for trading?

Read about this broker on finance magnates review page.
Website looks good on the table, they are multi-regulated too, mostly Europe, thinking to open an account with them. Anyone tried this one?

Yup bruh. I’m using them. What exactly are you looking for in the broker?

I scalp so basically, I am more concerned about spreads, comm. & execution.

I have also tried the demo account of Fxview. They have a rarest combination of pure ECN spreads which low commission.

Yes, that’s also what I noticed about Fxview. Do you have any recommendation?

Spreads are quite low as compared to others, and commission is minuscule $1/side. So far broker has been quite smooth. Good option for scalping. Interestingly they do your kyc like the crypto DIY sign up process.

Cool! Will look into it then. also do let me know if you’ve tried withdrawals. Thanks man!

Fxview is a fairly new broker so it will be unlikely that you will receive plenty of traders sharing their experience with it.

Did any one check the withdrawal process? they claim to process it the same day. Is that true?

Yes true provided you make the request during the day. Tried through an ewallet and it was received the same day.

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Great! Seems like its worth giving a try then…have been trading on the demo…i m impressed with their spreads and commission so far… I believe its time to go live…here I come to you FXVIEW :slight_smile:

update—the registration was quite smooth and my account was verified within a couple of hours…impressive…now looking to fund and start trading…will keep you all updated here :slight_smile:

A worthy contender for a low cost broker. Been using Fxview for a year now, working well for me.

They are also giving free VPS which is great :star_struck:

have you tried their VPS?

i heard they are new in the market.

Fxview is a good choice of broker for those looking at a simple interface to use.

Just went live with them after demoing for sometime. Deposited around eur 200 and to test requested a withdrawal 3 days after deposit. To my surprise it was processed the same day. Will be funding with a bigger amount. So far am really impressed. Will update if anything changes

how long does the deposit takes with them? and are the spreads and conditions same as in the demo?

I don’t see any difference between demo and live. For the deposits, I made through card and funds appeared in my acc instantly. Somewhere that time depends on how you’re processing your deposit I think.