G force trading journal 2015 on

GBP/USD 4H Bearish engulfing off resistance in downtrend.

AUD/USD. D1. Bearish engulfing bar sell order triggered.

AUD/NZD. H1 2BR/blended PB. off S/R/ with downtrend. Trade triggered.

EUR/USD H1. 2BR. off S/R level with trend. 2.5 R. entered yesterday. Kicked off well, but now rangey and slow. Hope to TP soon.

GBP/USD. Hit target overnight.

AUD/USD. Hit target.

Other 2 trades still open and currently in profit.

EUR/AUD. D1. Keeping an eye on this level. waiting for bearish PA to short to next support.

EUR/AUD. H4. Dark cloud cover. Pending sell order set if price breaks lower.

USD/CAD H1 Breakout to the upside.

EUR/AUD. Stopped out. Next.

How are your overall returns looking so far?

USD/CAD H1 Target hit.

Will wait for price to move back to 1.2400 support area and look for long PA to get back in with uptrend.

Hi Coffeeshop. Strike rate is my purpose at present. All trades posted live here. But early days to give any figures yet. Thanks, G.

EUR/USD H4. Closed trade as price in a range and weekend here. Took profit 50 pips. Will look to re-enter next week on a retrace or other PA.

EUR/AUD H1. In short blended PB closed below resistance. 2 orders triggered. See how she goes.

EUR/NZD D1. one of 2 Pending orders triggered to sell.

WTI OIL. If price can break through current TA we’re off to the races for 1 plus R and 100 pips.

AUD/NZD Closed trade around BE. A few pips profit, but price turning around so i’m out/protecting capital. Will look to get in again if/when price gets back to resistance.

AUD/JPY Bullish engulfing counter trend 4H. 1.5.R Pending order set if price breaks north of bar.

Stopped out on WTI Oil. That’s ok. Small loss. Next.

Big surge on the Aussie. Never try to catch falling knife. I’m out. G