Gamer hate loss journal

I just want to post my winning trade
to motivate myself

cannot withdraw , it is demo account
29 06 2022 win

I dont know how to post , so i just edit

Helloooo. :blush: It’s great that you’re starting a journal here! :smiley: I’m assuming this will still be on demo? :smiley: Haha.

Nice! Looking forward to your posts!

as long as profit

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Floating 158.28

what a game

what should I do with this floating - 256,72 ?

Anyway , the game is not over yet ; this is another demo account ;

to be continued

So, up $50 over 57 trades?

How are you deciding to enter/exit your trades? :slight_smile:

I shall change my time frame to reduce trades ,
from M1 to H1

support resistance and MA

lesson i learned

use small lot

focus on one strategy that have edge

that 's it

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Good luck with your future trades gamer! :blush: Have you decided on which strategy to focus on? :thinking:

Hi ria-rose , thanks
Yes , I focus on break out on H1 time frame
wish me luck !
still doing demo account now