GAMESTOP Fallout regulations?

Admittedly, at this point (very late in the game) I have read very little about what is happening with the Gamestop reddit barrage, but I have read the SEC is already talking of new regulations. So (obviously someone more familiar with what went down) what do you guys think new regs might look like, and do you think it would affect Forex markets?

Frankly, I am not thinking much about the forex regulations because I trust the SEC and I am sure that it will be something in our favor only.

Always go with regulated brokers. This will give you the confidence that you are putting your money in a safe place. You won’t be worried about you being scammed and hence, can focus on making good trades.

It is best to go with regulated brokers. When you are trading with unregulated brokers, you will always be worried about your invested money because you have no idea whom to complain to in case you are scammed. It’s better to do your research before you risk your money.

Things or trades when regulated are always good and beneficial for the clients. Forex market as well, won’t be harmed in any way. Anyways. It’s always recommended to opt for regulated brokers just so your money is secure and the trade’s done following the regulations in mind.

I guess my comment was more in regard to WHAT regulations might they add, rather than regulated vs unregulated brokers

The retail forex market is regulated by the CFTC not the SEC so doubtful that any regulatory action in the equities market would have an effect.