GBP/AUD - 1:30 pm - 13/05/2016

Did the GBP/AUD hit 1.9810 at 1:30 pm (London time) today?NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!Zulutrade platform just made me lose some pips again!No wonder most zulutraders signal providers dont use any stop loss.Zulutrade keeps closing the trades with the excuse it hit the stop loss when in reality never hit!!!For now on i have to place the stop loss 10 pips more risking more pips unnecessarily because zulutrade keep hunting my stop loss.I wonder if 10 pips will be enough thoug.

My charts say highest it got was 1.98038. Have you asked Zulu for an explanation? Looked at the tick chart? Mega wide spread (1.30 is often a volatile time so they may have widened the spread for a short time)

All the charts i see including Zulutrade says around 1.98038.I had a open position on Oanda and stop loss was never hit unlike zulutrade.No,i did not contact Zulutrade is always a waste of time.