GBP/AUD - Large Price Movement

Anyone catch the huge spike in GBP/AUD at 14:15 on the 15 minute charts? Was it actually tradeable?

Hi Rich.

Yes. I seen it also.
And that’s precisely what I’m doing right now. Searching all around and trying to find out exactly if it was real or not. And I thought to come in here and search if it’s been addressed. And well, you did! I’m glad I didn’t have to open up a new thread on it. You did. Thanks.

But this is what I know so far.
Here’s the GBP 7 pairs. Daily time frames.

  • Oanda shows it. They’re the only broker, as far as I can tell.
  • It occurred at the open, for this week.
  • Predominantly a move from the GBP. For strong.
  • The GBP/AUD = 1,100 pips of a jump.
  • The GBP/NZD = 443 pips of a jump.
  • The GBP/JPY = 160 pip jump.
  • The GBP/CHF = 130 pips.
  • The GBP/CAD = 120 pips.
  • The EUR/GBP = 54 pip drop.
  • The GBP/USD = 24 pip jump.

But, it all comes back down, immediately.

I can’t tell if this is an isolated event from the broker Oanda, or are they the only ones showing what happened?

I’ve seen this before (very massive spike). Was even thinking of showing you other times where this anomaly is a clue to what could happen in the future. But, I got to do a little more research on this.

But, I kind of think, if this was a real event, of taking this as an opportunity.
It would be a swing trade.
GBP/AUD long.
For days, weeks, months of holding on to it, till it gets back on up to where it reached to.

I’m just thinking about it now.
In any case.

Anyone else uncovered anything on this?
Any articles written up on it?

Thanks Rich, for starting something on this.
Let’s hope we can learn something on it.


Thanks for the additional information on the other GBP pairs. I’m curious to know if trader’s had their Take Profit (longs) or stops (shorts) triggered because of the huge movement in price if it was a real event, or even if it was just a glitch. If it occurred on the other GBP pairs it looks like it is most likely considered a real event, at least within Oanda’s system.