GBP/AUD long term trade?

Just wondering what the experts thoughts are on this, currently at about 20-30 years low, how much lower can people see it going? Seems to sit somewhere around 1/2.40 historically & the UK has to start showing signs of recovery in the next 6 months, especially once Mr Brown goes.

I would base that decision on what is happening rather than what you think should be happening (IE UK has to start showing signs of recovery in the next 6 months)

Australia has a much better story than the UK does at this point. Australia has the commodities and raw materials China needs to continue growing. Second, the RBA has shown signs that they are looking to raise interest rates.

Do you see the UK becoming a better story for economic growth than Australia considering how hard their economy is hit by the downturn in the financial industry? Will their interest rates eclipse Australia? A retracement may be in order, but the trend is down. That’s my view on GBP/AUD.

Many people make the mistake of thinking: wow this has hit rock bottom, it just can’t go lower now can it?

The answer is yes, it can. It can go all the way to zero basically.

Jason is absolutely right, don’t trade what you think price ought to do, trade what’s actually there on the chart.

yes emotional trade will eat up u r profit :mad:

chart trade will c u profit increase with SL in right place . :wink:

And lower and lower we go… :slight_smile:

Yep, I guess being a Brit living in Aus I have a special attachment to this pair. Just glad I moved over just before the rate sank.

this pair seems hard to find. I can’t see it on Oanda or mt4:confused: