Gbp cad showing signs of crashing

I’ve been holding gbp cad sell since yesterday and i think its got another 130 pips to fall.
Its showing all the signs of crashing. what is your thoughts?, if your in a gbp cad sell i look forward enjoying the ride down with you.

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Where did you enter?

GBP/CAD has been ranging for two years now and previously tapped in to the big demand zone, sweeping all of the liquidity to the down side.
In addition we tapped into another supply turned demand zone on lower timeframes and formed another accumulation there (M15). I actually see the market going higher some 100 pips.

Yeah just briefly looked and saw the liquidity sweep of the equal lows. Still currently in the range but the sweep below would suggest upward momentum. Has to break out the longer term range to be anything signicant though. No signs of crashing to me though.