Hi everyone, i have the GBP/JPY daily chart in front of me in two different platforms, metatrader and Oanda… Metatrader says the GBP/JPY opened at 227.16 and closed at 226.50, so a bearish candlestick… However the oanda chart says it opened at 223.24 and closed at 226.31, a bullish candlestick… what actually happened that day? why am i seeing this, any ideas, thanks a lot in advance for your replies. This is so confusing!

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Hi James,

I am assuming they both have different open and close times for their daily candles. My broker cms has different daily candles to oanda as cms close/open at 5pm est while oanda’s new candle starts at 5am BST.

There is no official start and end time in forex.