Gbp/jpy pair

Hey all,

maybe you could share your knowledge about how this pair works and what does matter to it? Till now i now that oil price effects this pair, mainly news for gbp and yen. Thanks for replies

hi im calling it the dragon.
im trading this pair for almost a year and love it even tho be careful with it it can be your best friend or the worst can byte you or it can bring you a moves very quickly and when it moves it moves and there is no problem to see a move of 100 pips within couple of seconds/minutes so never leave this pair without setting a stop loss.yes you are right the news is very important but only the important news but there is always something behind dont thing that if there is no news it wont move.the move can be supported with large pending orders or with many stop losses set at the same price and the best time to trade this pair is London or Asian session.just to give you advice choose the right broker with the lowest spread otherwise go for eur/jpy which is quite similar but with low broker has between 0-8 pips spread but mostly 3-4 pips for gbp/jpy which is great.

have a good one and be careful :wink:

Thanks for your message. But im still wondering according to what data or indicators does it move?

well i had used many indicators and many good systems until i found that there is no need for them.try to use plain chart first and watch the price action then you can add some simple trendlines,support and resistance lines,channels,fibonacci and you will see how the price bouncing off of them just trade as simple as you can dont complicate it too much.most of the pro traders use simple trading stiles and price advice is trade simply,dont over trade yourself,be patient and expect nothing,be prepared for everything.

very important cut your losses and let your profits run

ok, thanks. Maybe you could share your own experiense in using different indicators? Personaly i like Bollinger Bands and i noticed, that this pair jums according to it.
But the bad thing which i noticed is that before very important news for US or UK gpb/jpy starts to bounce like crazy!

well there is no indicator that would predict the market direction and what is happening before news is normal bcos there is many kinds of traders i mean those unexperienced traders make the noise in the market bcos they are not well informed so they dont know which way the market will go after the deviation.there is many informed traders which trade on the flow of new fundamental information like news headlines,public announcements,expensive private research or insiders and this type is the most dangerous of all types so be careful with the news if you dont know what you are doing they are like a sharks if you give them liquidity they will byte you.

indicators are good in some market conditions once the market condition change you may lose lots of money and the same is with the systems they work in some market conditions all works in trending conditions but there is only few that will work in ranging conditions so be aware of smart and with good money management you will be able to survive even the bed market conditions and dont ever think that you can beat the market or that you have the winning positions.

hope i could help you a bit :slight_smile:

“my broker has between 0-8 pips spread but mostly 3-4 pips for gbp/jpy which is great.”


Could you tell us who your Broker is ??

Have not come across any who charges leass than 6 pips …


Yes this pair could be very likeable or be hated. My friend did one trade and loss with this pair and he said he is never going to trade it agin. This is the best pair to scalp to me that is.

GBP/JPY is a very popular – and profitable – pair because of its volatility. However, you have to know what you’re doing before attempting to trade such a volatile pair or you [I]will[/I] lose money. It seems to be working for you, so that’s good.

As we all know, not every trade is profitable. That’s just the way it is, no matter which currency you’re trading. If your friend won’t trade a pair because he lost one trade, he’s going to run out of pairs to trade very quickly because, eventually, he’s going to lose a trade on every pair. Again, that’s just the way things work.

I am currently with Oanda they offer very low spreads,They go up with news and weekends, but I don’t trade then anyways.They are talked about highly,they don’t advertise and are one of the biggest borkers out there.That has to tell you something.Well good trading to you!!hope this helped