GBP/JPY - what the heck?

Ok, someone with some fundamental analysis skills tell me what’s going on here! Last week was stuck in a range and today it’s oscillating in a 50 pip range!! What the heck is going on?!

There is growing fear of Trade Protectionism.

The US government announced placing tariffs starting at 35% on tire imports from China in order to protect US producers from increasing imports from China.

2 days after the White House’s decision, the Chinese government announced ‘anti-dumping and anti subsidies investigations’ into some automobile and chicken products originally produced in the US as Chinese manufacturers alleged the above products entered the country’s market with an ‘unfair competitor manner’ which harms domestic industries.

Trade Protectionism hurts world trade and slows down the pace of global economic recovery. The news triggered risk aversion.

So it was news that changed the behaviour of the GBPJPY pair.

Not a worry. :smiley:

Don’t know, really. Trading Crude Oil teaches you a lot about fundamentals because Crude Oil is used everywhere you look.