GBP/USD trading times

I have been watching this pair between 6-10pm GMT and it seems to just move in a very tight range and seems to give off false signals. Is this because there is low volume at this time?

If so what would be a better currency to follow in this timeframe?


6pm to 10pm GMT is a low volume time as it encompasses the end of the US session, and the beginning of the Australian/Asian trading session.

For more information on trade worthy market ours check out our Market Hours Lesson. Good luck!

Good Info Pip Crawler :slight_smile:
Thanks Buddy.

Thought that was the case, thanks Pipcrawler keep up the good work:)

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

go to Free Software Downloads and Software Reviews - and search for the free program called “Forex trader sidekick”, it does all the time conversions for you to your local time zone and shows when each market is open or closed.
During the time you refer too, I normally trade the AUS or JPY crosses, because as pipcrawler says the aussie and asian markets open at that time.