Gbpcad 22/12/2021

Sell EU

Yesterday I was trading EURUSD. Fundamental News is not in favor of USD. Today the euro has somewhat bullish pressure but is currently volatile.

you should trade before news, should better open trade at 90:00am to 12:00, and stay out of events.
For trading today 16/12/2021: it;s better time to buy UJ and UCHF from now

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Good analysis, there is currently price bullish pressure. But if there is some profit in the market volatile trade needs to be managed.

Sell Nzdusd

Sell Gbpusd

Sell Gbpcad

Sell EurJpy 27/12/2021

What platform are you trading on?

Olymp trade

What do you rely on in forex analysis?

currency COT, Libor interesting rate, currency news.