GBPUSD Selling Opportunities

Here are a couple of areas that could be interesting for GBPUSD. Upcoming, we have the 1.2 area. It is a strong psychological level, paired with a key level that has been untested. We should see some downside.

The other area is 1.22, another strong psychological number paired with a touch of the downwards trendline, key level and 4H 50 EMA. Out of the two, if you were to take one, this would probably be the safest bet out of the two.


I’m going to wait and see what happens next week

Thanks. At the moment still a strong sell although I think that may change as early as Monday. Wait and see.

Waiting till Monday, anything could happen over the weekend…

Still very bearish. The 1.22 level looks good here

Started to pull back slightly but still see a valid buy and could be a nice long trend! great charts as always!

Some nice levels identified here, certainly a lot to look at and analyse for next week.

Careful with this pair. The DXY bounced off a resistance area that hadn’t been reached since 2017, and there’s going to be a huge increase in COVID-19 cases over the weekend (there were over 2500 in the last day) and over the next few weeks which could tank the dollar.

Also, the BXY is at an all time low, so we could see a correction.

Might be some major pips to be made here.

I’m long for now, will see what happens at those resistance levels.

Same here. :+1:

made a killing on this, some massive movements