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Analysis of #GBPUSD

Hi traders, today we will have a look at #GBPUSD

the GBPUSD is in this beautiful wedge pattern as you can see on my chart, the market tested its trendline resistance and now started a move down, if you check y previous ideas on the GBPUSD where I explain why I expect the pound to move lower.

now, there is a very good support zone that coincides with trendline support near the 1.165-1.1600 key market level.

if the market drops to my key market support level I will drop a one-time frame looking for a bullish reaction to get in a buy trade with good reward to risk if the rules are met.

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Thank you for spending time here!

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I have a very similar view of the market right now so I kind of just took this post as an early confirmation entry

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