GBPUSD Trade Idea's

Good afternoon, markets open again tonight so having one last look before they do. With our pairs we can see GBP very weak. We have had a drop on GJ, but mostly we have seen major weakness against the recent strength of USD. We broker through the demand zone , and it looks like we will see further bearish momentum in the coming weeks possibly. So I am looking to get a swing trade buy on the below weekly demand zone . Watch GU this week to see how it plays out, and if we manage to reach the demand zone marked out below at 1.2171 then I will be looking for support to form so we can get a nice long swing buy trade on. Big return on offer it if does turn at that point. Mark up your charts and let price come to us with this one. GLIYF

Guys, what do you think about this couple next week?

Good morning all, got a little setup today that I am going to try. It’s a buy on GBPUSD , last time i was looking below to buy but clearly it reversed instantly not giving us a chance to get in on the move. Clearly a lot of buyers down at that zone. but we have created a higher high point and have had a pullback in price currently finding it sat in a little demand zone . With us being able to get a small stop loss in here i am going to buy at this zone looking for the next leg up. NFP tomorrow so need to be aware that could hinder us or benefit us. but if we get some movement today we may be able to lock out trade in possibly for the event. GLIYF

Couple of positions hit TP zone’s last week. Head over to see what i’m looking at for possible trade’s to setup this week, like and subscribe would really help. Thanks :slight_smile:

Good morning all. GBPUSD has found its way back down to the demand area. This is an area of interest for us to take a small swing buy position. Obviously price structure is still bearish but price is in an area where it could possibly turn if it finds enough support here at this demand zone . You can use half your normal risk on this trade just to reduce possible risk exposure. Ideally we would like to break market structure and aim for a medium term length trade. First aim is the supply zone above. then if we manage to break that high we can hold for further tp areas. Will update again in a few days, GLIYF.

Ouch, looks like the floor caved in!

Tough market conditions at the moment. USD still very bullish. This week’s video is out now on my YT channel. Head over like and subscribe it would be appreciated

Good morning all. Following on from Monday’s video. GBPUSD has risen up in price and visited the supply zone . Yesterdays’ candle rejected from it, and we are about to visit there again now. Will the trend continue? The only way to find out is to stick a sell on here. Very easy setup, will it come to fruition. Time will tell, so if you fancy a little intraday trade here on GU the setup has formed. Maybe drop down to 1H/4H to find a nice little entry. Will update again in a few days GLIYF

Good afternoon all, today’s setup is a big swing trade! Been waiting for a possible decent trade setup on GU for a while now. Well it look’s like we may finally get one soon. Price has continued to drop further and soon enough we may look to visit the demand zone created from back in March 2020. Since we last visited this price we had a reversal and as you can see we visited the supply zone up top, before dropping gradually back down again. so we have a nice long term target aim for. Depending on entry we could see over 17+ R:R, but it would take a long time for the outcome. If this demand zone breaks then as you can see we have a zone below that hasn’t been visited since the 80’s. Definitely one to watch over the next few days. Wait for support to form in the demand zone and then get a small buy position on. I will update again when I enter the position. GLIYF

Would love to see GBP explode! Any update on this pair mate?

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Good morning all, there hasn’t been ,many great opportunities of late due to the crazy market conditions. But if you watched my last weekly video we got into a buy swing trade on GBPUSD . We got a drop back in price from the Dollar, also the GBP got bought by the central banks with the government bonds, I don’t think they liked going close to parity. BUT will it all be short lived, quite possibly. So we need to secure some profits, as most likely DXY will come back into trend next week and continue its strength over all others. Currently we are 390 pips in profit, so if you followed along then make sure you make the trade risk free with your stop loss at entry OR move your stop loss into some profits to secure the bag. Will update again next week, enjoy your weekend. GLIYF

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Thanks, I have followed the channel.

Looking for a V-shaped recovery here.

Is the $$ turning back bullish? Or will we see a drop off in strength. This week’s video is out now, looking at a few setups forming. Head over and give us a like and follow, Hope you all have a good trading week

Good morning all, today is a little update on the GBPUSD buy trade taken a couple of weeks back. If you follow my YT channel you will be aware of most updates. But with DXY dropping back recently we have seen some movement on our positions. As we can see we have broken out of the downtrend, BUT, the next few days will be vital to the further success of the trade. As we can see above we got a fake breakout and continued down on the bearish trend . So keeping watch over the next few days should tell us more. Ideally we would like to break above the resistance zone and create a new high, thus creating a short/medium term bullish trend . Currently 675 pips in profit, keep holding and secure some profits to be safe. Will update again with more movement GLIYF

We got some big news items coming up this week for both currencies

Good morning all, hope everyone is having a good weekend. Was just looking over the charts so thought I would update on the GU buy position we took. If you follow my YT channel you will of been updated earlier in the week. But we have since had some nice movement in our favor. AS you can see we are deep into profits on this trade. Currently sitting at 1067 pips in profit for over 1:3 R:R. We have broken above trends and trading above the moving average now which spells good things to come hopefully. I have included the DXY chart to show the dollar’s bearish trend now. Looks like it may continue into the near future. Lock in profits and make the trade secure and enjoy the ride to come. GLIYF

Good morning all, just going over the charts at the weekend checking up on our trades. Today’s update is GBPUSD , price is moving in our desired direction in a nice uniformed manor. Textbook trend formation continuing. Higher high’s and higher low’s has give us a current profit of 1321 pips for a R:R of over 1:4. By now you must of secured profits either closed some of your position or moved your stop loss up into profits. We are coming up to a little supply zone soon so we may get a drop back in price from there. I will update again next week or so when we have had some more price action. For now enjoy watching price risk and stress free, enjoy the rest of your weekend. GLIYF

Still managing the two buy trades we have open. Will Gold continue the Xmas rally? This week’s video is out now, head over and like and subscribe if you haven’t already it would be appreciated. Have a good week all

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What date do you stop trading for Christmas break mate?