GBPUSD Trade Idea's

Good morning all, had people ask about adding in GBPUSD to the portfolio of pairs. So today I have taken a buy from this demand zone . Price has been bearish of late, but we have seen some buying pressure come in on this pair at this weekly demand zone where price sits. We got two 50% candles formed right on the zone, second being bullish so that was the signal to buy for me. I am aware the trend is still currently bullish , so this could be a buy to sell. Aiming for the supply zone above, or when price meets the moving average. nice amount of R:R on offer buying from here. Simple trade to take on this one, we can afford to adjust the SL if we need to. GLIYF

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I like both zones that you have highlighted. Still very much bearish overall but there is an opportunity to trade the retracement here.

Looks good so far. The daily chart produced two consecutive bullish candles. Today’s candle may come out as a Spinning Top, which would be considered as a bullish continuation. Thanks for sharing the chart. I am wishing you all the best with the entry.

Good morning all, little update today on the GBPUSD trade taken. Since the buy in we have seen price move ion our desired direction to the upside. We have peaked at 263 pips in profit which is a 1:6 R:R. So by now you should of moved your SL to at least BE or into some profits to secure some pips. Currently we are experiencing a pullback in price. Hopefully the demand zone created will hold for continuation to TP. If it breaks then make sure to close for profits. Keep holding for now, but keep a watch out. GLIYF

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Good afternoon, markets open again tonight so having one last look before they do. With our pairs we can see GBP very weak. We have had a drop on GJ, but mostly we have seen major weakness against the recent strength of USD. We broker through the demand zone , and it looks like we will see further bearish momentum in the coming weeks possibly. So I am looking to get a swing trade buy on the below weekly demand zone . Watch GU this week to see how it plays out, and if we manage to reach the demand zone marked out below at 1.2171 then I will be looking for support to form so we can get a nice long swing buy trade on. Big return on offer it if does turn at that point. Mark up your charts and let price come to us with this one. GLIYF

Guys, what do you think about this couple next week?

Good morning all, got a little setup today that I am going to try. It’s a buy on GBPUSD , last time i was looking below to buy but clearly it reversed instantly not giving us a chance to get in on the move. Clearly a lot of buyers down at that zone. but we have created a higher high point and have had a pullback in price currently finding it sat in a little demand zone . With us being able to get a small stop loss in here i am going to buy at this zone looking for the next leg up. NFP tomorrow so need to be aware that could hinder us or benefit us. but if we get some movement today we may be able to lock out trade in possibly for the event. GLIYF

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Good morning all. GBPUSD has found its way back down to the demand area. This is an area of interest for us to take a small swing buy position. Obviously price structure is still bearish but price is in an area where it could possibly turn if it finds enough support here at this demand zone . You can use half your normal risk on this trade just to reduce possible risk exposure. Ideally we would like to break market structure and aim for a medium term length trade. First aim is the supply zone above. then if we manage to break that high we can hold for further tp areas. Will update again in a few days, GLIYF.

Ouch, looks like the floor caved in!

Tough market conditions at the moment. USD still very bullish. This week’s video is out now on my YT channel. Head over like and subscribe it would be appreciated

Good morning all. Following on from Monday’s video. GBPUSD has risen up in price and visited the supply zone . Yesterdays’ candle rejected from it, and we are about to visit there again now. Will the trend continue? The only way to find out is to stick a sell on here. Very easy setup, will it come to fruition. Time will tell, so if you fancy a little intraday trade here on GU the setup has formed. Maybe drop down to 1H/4H to find a nice little entry. Will update again in a few days GLIYF