George Statie - Trading Busters - Mentorship Program - SCAM (Too Good Too Be True!)

Hi Guys!

I feel compelled to share my harrowing experience with Trading Busters to prevent others from falling victim to their deceitful practices. Allow me to unveil the truth behind their facade and issue a stern warning to all who consider investing their time and money with this dubious company.

Trading Busters, under the guise of expertise, charged me a $5,000 (i know my fault for paying, it seemed legit until it wasn’t…what seemed) promising to educate me but it was a shitty Martingale strategy. Little did I know, this was just the beginning of my financial downfall.

Their strategy led to devastating losses, wiping out not only my profits but also my entire trading account.

The support I received was shockingly poor, with their team exhibiting rude and dismissive behavior. One individual, Alex, (Trading Buster Rep) stood out for his particularly appalling conduct, displaying a complete lack of empathy and professionalism.

Moreover, it soon became apparent that the entire course was a sham, designed to swindle unsuspecting traders out of their hard-earned money. The promised expertise was nonexistent, replaced by incompetence and dishonesty. It utter scam 100%

In light of my experience, I implore you to steer clear of Trading Busters.

Do not be fooled by their promises of financial success; they are nothing but scam artists preying on the vulnerable. Let my story serve as a cautionary tale, and may it prevent others from falling into the same trap. Stay vigilant, fellow traders, and trust only reputable sources in your pursuit of financial prosperity.

There so called “interviews” are UGC (Creators/Influencers) that have been paid money to do the gig the fake video review to vouch for them, don’t fall for it please.


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Hello Asmith3,

I wanted too to get in the program but for me it’s kinda expensive.
I am member of busters signals for us30 and was in also few other groups and bought the regular course (which is not for sale anymore) but so that few parts of it in a leak video are in the new mentorship…

Can you share few inside info etc… about the strategy?
I mean I figure out the strategy for us30 which its very high risk I mean when you lose it will take weeks to recovere from it, but you can addapt to a smaller risk…
I can say for sure that I made mone with them 1 year ago, but after summer everything went bad… I mean there were like 3 losses in 1 week and a half :slight_smile:
thank you,

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Hi Greymex,

Before they come to this thread and try defend themselves with false evidence…

It is not consistent, it basically built base off Fibonacci with specific numbers and Moving averages which you apply same methodology on lower or higher timeframe, different asset etc BTC, GU, US30

Your paying for same crap basically, it is not worth 5K, it is full ON scam, ask yourself this why are increasing price? They will RIP off many as they can and run. Typical romanian scammers at play here.

you can contact me if you want, I can give you some advise how you can make money with their strategy… but keep in mind a strategy where you risk more than 1:0.5 its not profitable… as per us30 if you are member… even with a 90% winrate if you have 2 consecutive loss your account it’s dead.
If you use funded accounts… you gonna lose them because… to be safe you would need to risk no more than 0.3/0.4% per initial trade :slight_smile: which give you a reward of 0.2% because you know on the other trade you need to get x amount of money …

hey guys, is it like the high risk “london strategy” for eurchf where you take a 1:1 and if SL hit you take a 4 time risk opposite trade of 1:0.5?
basically if you lose 2 trades you need a whole month of TP’s only just to be BE

so you paid 5k dollars, and they didn’t learn you about money management?

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It’s not money management, it’s gambling.
London strategy goes like this: you either buy or sell 1% with a 1:1 rr. If you win, you call the day.
But if you lose, you open a second “recovery” trade risking 4% for a 1:0.5 rr. If you win, you have 2%. Minus 1% from the previous trade, you are at 1%, you call the day.
But if this “recovery trade” hits SL you have -4%. Add that at the first loss and you got a nice -5% for the day.
Two of these consecutive days and you hit a nice -10%.
Add that to a maximum 3 trading days per week and for a loosing day it takes 2 weeks of all wins just to be break even.
You can’t call this trading.

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so you paid 5k green dollars for gambling

Exactly, it is just a SCAM! Lucky my job pays well so i don’t worry about too much. But for others 5k is alot.

No, haven’t. But for sure there are may that paid him.

Any advice on how to make the London strategy profitable? I’m not familiar with the US30 one. Thank you

The Us30 it’s even risky :)) if you lose first order you go like x7 more on half but even on first order they say its 1:0.5 but its max 1:0.4… so at x7 additional you would risk x8 actually to for a 0.4 which at x8 risk overall to say that you lose you will receove in over 20 consecutive day’s TP

What about them screamed “expert” in your opinion? Was there any trial of any sort or recommendations from other clients? Or just a cold call invite, which you fancied at the time?

$5K is such a large amount of money to let go of in one instance. Something must have drawn you in.

No, no trials. It was just 1-1 webinar then they sell you at the end with payment plan or full one time payment $5,000

$5K for me isn’t much as stated above.

Hi “Aaliyah”!

You have a lot to say about our product for someone who didn’t buy it.

We both know the truth, so we might as well share it with others.

  1. You wanted to join our Mentorship Program.
  2. You couldn’t afford it.
  3. So you started to lie about it, insult our entire team, and threaten us on every platform.

After 3 false reviews, threatening us with the police, and calling our Customer Support Representative a hooker, this “review” is the latest effort in a series of lies and fabricated stories.

If you’re looking for the truth, by any objective standard, check our free telegram community with over 25.000 traders that back us. Check our in-depth case studies on YouTube with students from our Mentorship Program. Some made over $20.000 just by following our advice. And feel free to contact our support team, who’s always ready to help and solve any issue.

That is how we conduct business and all can be checked time and time again, to validate the truth.

Things get blurry only when you use fake names on fake reviews. When you say you bought products you couldn’t afford. And when you fabricate stories about our employees and strategies although you have no clue about none.

We understand you’re upset, but this is no reason for such behavior. Just like any business, trading should be conducted with transparency, respect, and honor—not threats, insults, and lies.

Best of luck in your trading journey & may you find some clarity in it!

Of couse we teach our students about money management.

But he didn’t buy our mentorship, that’s why he doesn’t know.

We have a whole section inside the Program about how to manage your money.

Here’s one of the videos:

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I did tell you guys they would come here try defend themselves with made up names.

All BS, and i’m not only one who said mentorship is a scam and horrible.

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Another Thing - They will not be able explain their fake social media following for example look at their instagram posts they do not add up with current engagement over 25,000+ followers.

They will try defend themselves (Romanian scammers).

Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 18.18.31

There whole excuse of “I didn’t buy their mentorship” is their defensive, they know i am correct i went through the modules.