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Here, you will be getting entry points as regards BTCUSD price movement.

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Buy BTCUSD now or @ 32600

TP 1 : 36500

TP2 : 39000

TP 3 : 43000

Great effort

Buy BTCUSD now. TP : 37900 usd

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Sell BTCUSD now TP : 44000



Nope, it’s ranging between 46100 and 48500

I hope you can see the results now

The BTCUSD update today

The rejection at the fib level has finally contracted the market volatility.

At this moment, it’s enclosing the bid and asking level into a chart pattern - triangle.

That could condition the crypto traders into a bearish market outlook.

Check your charts for references

A failed attempt on MA cross-over (H4 chart) can work wonders for buyers.

While trades above $54k are considered bullish, trades below 47k USD will be termed as bearish type.

Next support is found @ $37k - $40k (excluding drawdowns)

Recommendation: S. L adjusted to the entry point

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The bulls just need a stronger force to outsmart the sellers… But the sellers seems to be delaying the move so they can easily hit the 38k area. That’s not funny.

BTCUSD : Dipping is anticipated. So, a sell till $40k is much possible !


BNB traders ! It’s all about selling the pair. If the pair burst out of the rectangle and head Southward, Just SELL or wait for another dip

Only the support area can change the rythm.You may wait for 4H cross over

It’s good to have a thread where you can get updates. Sometimes, checking different sources for updates can become difficult and you might not know which one to go for. It’s good that there is one single place where all the updates will be made and traders can make use of them easily.

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Buy BTCUSD at the current price or 30,524