Getting closer to the promised land?

Hi guys am Sadiiq .I once posted a topic about my dreadful journey to the forex markets months ago, I have been on the charts for about the last 13 months…
I have got a complete trading system with rules and i had backtested for a month and was profitable.
After that, i opened a micro account. In my 3 months in LIVE trading , i have making huge strides by making profits in each month.
I dont want to get carried away , I still have to learn the markets,


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Just the fact that you actually back tested a strategy means you are more serious than most…
Good luck!

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thanks man

You should go back to backtest. You should move forward with learning from where you were profitable.

Just because you are making good trades on your demo account doesn’t guarantee that you will have profitable trades when you go live. There will always be different market situations in which you will have to make decisions that you wouldn’t have ever thought of.

it is live trading man

So far so good…keep updating on how it’s going. All the best.

great job for first testing the strategy, I mean backtesting and then live testing, most people don’t do it and immediately jump to live trading, which is a big mistake :slight_smile:

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Exactly, the market keeps changing so it is better to keep a uniform research of it and plan your strategies suitably.

You have to take everything seriously. If the analysis is not perfect, then trading success will be very difficult.

@Sadiiqfx how are you getting on man?

@chrisfraser05 am doing nice, man i just had scare in january, but now positive , how about you man?

I just came off the back of 3 months in Demo, just completed my first week live.
Things looking positive so far but don’t want get my hopes up too much.

Just stay focused and don’t worry about reaching your goals coz that’s when you’ll end up making a bad decision.

Seems like you are already on the promised land, just keep going. Once your established rules and strategies yield more than you expect in live trading for a considerable amount of time, you can venture into different kinds of markets. It is about being steady in an unsteady space of trading.

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I am not aware of your last thread but I can surely say that you are doing really good. A trader should never stop learning. Backtesting your trades really was helpful for you. I am glad that you are earning now and getting closer to your promised land. But keep working the way you are working right now.

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